Newborn Photography: Pricing Guide

There is nothing more special than bringing a new baby home from the hospital and into the lives of a loving family. These are special moments we hope to hold on to and look back on one day.

Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever to capture these special moments in a baby’s life. Newborn photography is considered by some to be one of the purest forms of photography, capturing these precious moments.

As a photographer, you may be asked to take photographs of newborns regularly. How do you determine what to charge? Let’s take a closer look at this type of photography and its pricing.


During the first year of a baby’s life, the most astonishing developmental changes occur. Within the first few days out of the womb, there is a dramatic change in appearance. With the whirlwind of excitement that comes with bringing a new bundle of joy home, it is easy to lose track of how much a baby is growing and changing.

A special way to capture the first months of a baby’s life is newborn photography. The job of a newborn photographer is to capture these moments by creating images for moms and dads to celebrate their newest addition to their families.

This special photo shoot creates timeless portraits for everyone in the family to enjoy.


When it comes to pricing a newborn photography session, there are many factors that come into play. Newborn photography varies in price, but overall, the full package can be rather expensive.

Before scheduling a photo shoot, it is a good idea for the photographer to have a consultation with their client. This meeting will focus on ironing out the details of styling, colors, poses, and special effects that may be used in the photos.

A free consultation is usually included in a photo shoot package.


Another important factor that plays a part in newborn photography session pricing is the number of photos the client would like to receive from their session. Some newborn photographers charge their clients by the number of photos they provide.

For example, some photographers may include ten prints in their basic quote and charge an additional fee for any print beyond that.


A newborn photographer can charge either a flat rate fee or by the hour. It is common for photographers to offer a flat rate for their newborn photo shoots. These flat rates usually comprise packages that are priced based on the number of photos included, alternative themes, backdrops, prints, digital downloads, editing, and touchups.

A photographer may offer various packages designed to meet the budget and needs of their client. Since every photo shoot is different, it is not always easy to determine the pricing of your flat rate packages. If extended travel is required, then the photographer may charge an additional fee for the hours spent traveling.


Depending on where the newborn photography session takes place, the client may be charged a fee for studio time. It is common for photographers to create elaborate studio setups with professional lighting and unique props to accompany their photo shoots.

Some studios may have multiple setups with multiple themes for their newborn photography.

Unless the photographer is fortunate enough to have a studio in their living space, they are likely to have to pay rent for their studio space. They may incorporate this into the overall pricing.

If the client has their newborn photography done at a specific location, this may raise the price of their photo shoot since the photographer then has to adapt to a new location. Traveling and setting up their equipment will be factored into the cost.

For example, a photographer may charge $199 for a shoot at their studio but $275 for a location shoot.


Some newborn photo shoots incorporate more than one setting. The cost of these sessions will be higher in price than that of a single-location session.

If the client is looking to do an outdoor scene as well as an indoor scene, they will have to pay the multiple-location cost. Some photographers even charge a travel fee to get to the client’s location.


After the photo shoot session is complete, it is time to edit the pictures. The photographer selects the photos to edit from all of the ones taken.

This part can take about an hour to complete, especially if the photographer took several hundred pictures.

After the photos have been selected, the fun part begins. For editing newborn photography, there are two types of editing. The photographer can either soft-proof the images or fully retouch the images. Soft-proofing means making basic corrections.

This may take about an hour, though it could take longer if the photographer is editing a large number of images. If the photographer fully retouches all the images, this can take closer to five hours to complete.

The retouching of each image will most likely cost extra. This could be a per-photo rate or an hourly rate.


Upon booking a session with a newborn photographer, the client will most likely have to put down a deposit to hold their appointment. It is important to keep in mind that for most photographers, this is their full-time job and their main source of income.

They rely heavily on these sessions to support themselves.

If a client schedules a photo shoot, the photographer will manage the rest of their schedule around their appointment. If the client cancels at the last minute, the photographer may not be able to find another client to take that slot.

This means they will lose money. The deposit amount is deducted from the total cost of the package.


Depending on the package the photographer offers, they may include a certain amount of prints with each session. They may charge for additional prints.

If the photographer does not offer prints, or if the pricing per print is too high, clients may send the digital files that the photographer sends them to a printing service instead.


As with many industries, your experience as a photographer is important. The more experienced a photographer is in the field, the more credible they are and the more they will be able to charge.



There are many factors that come into play when figuring out pricing for newborn photography. Much of the decision is dependent on what skill set or level the client is looking for as well as their budget.

Newborn photography is very popular since many parents want to capture these memories, so there will always be a demand for photographers.

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